Are You Gonna Sigh (Pulverised Club Edit)


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Track 01: Are You Gonna Sigh (Pulverised Club Edit)
Release date: 21st October 2011
Type: Single
Label: Clogsontronics

  1. 1 Are You Gonna Sigh (Pulverised Club Edit) 03:35
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INDUCTION - the Enochian Remix


Track 01: INDUCTION - the Enochian Remix (radio edit)
Track 02: INDUCTION - the Enochian Remix (extended version)
Track 03: Warschau Pact
Track 04: Sovjets Don't Dance
Track 05: A Certain Living
Release date: 16th June 2007
Type: EP
Label: Clogsontronics

Europe Calls


Track 01: Europe Calls
Track 02: Radio Lines

Release date: 15th October 2007
Type: Single
Label: Minimal Wave

Inside the Black Box


Track 01: Inside The Black Box
Track 02: Sharpen The Metal
Track 03: The Border
Track 04: Statue Of Salt
Track 05: Don't Let In
Track 06: Secret Song
Track 07: Circus Time
Track 08: The Hour Of Truth
Track 09: The Shattering
Track 10: Madmen's Party

Release date: 10th March 1985
Type: Album
Label: Circo Re

The Art of Combining


Track 01: Empire SX
Track 02: Nooduitgang 2
Track 03: Modern Fetch
Track 04: Drums Keep Thundering
Track 05: Europe Calls
Track 06: Radio Lines
Track 07: Onweer
Track 08: This Is Future
Track 09: Siberia
Track 10: Don't Want To Know
Track 11: Warschau Pact
Release date: 8th August 1983
Type: Cassette
Label: Combinator Records

This Is Future


Track 01: Verspilling
Track 02: Dreadful Dance
Track 03: Dimensie 4
Track 04: Radio Lines
Track 05: Modern Fetch
Track 06: Nooduitgang 2
Track 07: Kortsluiting
Track 08: Arabische Nachte
Track 09: Two Miles
Track 10: This Is Future
Malus tracks on digital release:
Track 11: The Situation
Track 12: Enjoy Your Leather
Track 13: Macabre
Track 14: All Bow

Release date: 12th September 1982
Type: Album
Label: Clogsontronics

Dreadful Dance


Track 01: Dreadful Dance
Track 02: All Bow

Release date: 20th February 1981
Type: Single
Label: Clogsontronics