With pulsing drums and bass guitar sounds layered on top with bombing guitars and blasting vocals, STORUNG (mark II) has moved in to a more heavier ‘Industrial’ sound as they emerged from their Minimal and Cold Wave style of music that kicked off more than thirty years ago.

It seems we are trapped in a three dimensionally perceived reality. At least, scientists are telling us that there are more than three dimensions out somewhere, that there are parallel universes that are close to us but we can’t see. Where everything that can happen has happened, is happening and will happen. Where time is running both forwards and backwards as anti-time. Oh well, do we care? Should we care? From political beliefs to science, from religions to cults, from extremism to altruism there is a common theme that can be distracted from all: the Apocalypse.


New singer 

September 2015: STORUNG introduces Vocaloid's Cyber Diva as their new singer.

New singles 

New single 'Stop the Illusion 1 & 2' released on 25th March 2014.

Official worldwide release of new single 'Attraction' released by MondoTunes on 19th June 2013.

A new single has been released on 10th April 2013. The two tracks (Circus Time and Circus Time - the Ballroom Remix) are featuring Sadhana Lila on vocals.

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